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    How I use Excel to create a "streaming" chart using the interface between Excel and InteractiveBroker's TWS?
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    I'll try again..

    I have a EXCEL plug in that essentially mirrors streaming data from IB TWS.

    So if the last on the NQ changes from 1450 to 1451, EXCEL will reflect this change.

    What I want Excel to do is upon a change in price:

    1. grab the previous price,

    2. time stamp it and

    3. add it to a new sheet to create a database of quotations.

    This way I am building a database of intraday quotations from which I can create a Excel chart.

    Any easy answers to going about this or do I need to learn Visual Basic?
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  4. Yes, to do this properly you need to do it using the VB module section of excel where the VB code is watching for a change in your NQ last trade cell...

    When the VB code perceives a change in the last trade it then takes that value and
    places it in a new worksheet offset down one row at a time in say A1, A2, A3 with a matching timestamp placed across from it in row B1, B2, B3, etc...

    then you can chart those values in an excel chart - either using a static chart method or a dynamic method (not easy)

    hth... cj... :)

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    IB had a webinar on TWS API last week, mainly explaining its DDE via the TwsDde.xls Excel spreadsheet.

    See its record here