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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Joe, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Joe


    I am looking to hire someone from overseas to work on collecting data for my new start up company.

    I would like to provide them with my data in excel format, and have them fill in the blank areas that I do not have completed. However I would not like for them to have the data I have already found.

    **** Question: What would you recommend to do to keep my data safe from sight? ****

    Here is an example of the data:
    1st Column: Account Number
    2nd Column: Account Name
    3rd Column: Account Phone Number
    4th Column: Account Website
    5th Column: Account Address

    I have the Account Number, and Account Name for all accounts. However some are missing a phone number, others an address, and about 75% are missing the website.

    I would like to keep the data that I have private, possibly invisible, and if a cell is missing data it is highlighted to make it easier for those working with it to spot an empty cell.
  2. newwurldmn


    Create a copy and delete the account numbers and completed cells.
    Give them just the account names and the fields they new to find. When you get the spreadsheet back do a vlookup to merge the two data sets together.
  3. Exactly. Reason ? Excel is not secure. All passwords can be uncovered. VBA code is not secure either.
  4. Joe


    Nice, thanks guys. I'll have to look up how to use Vlookup, but I'm sure it's easy.
  5. balda


    Assign a sequence number 1,2,3,...... to each client.
    Then remove sensitive information.
    If you remove your sensitive information then there will not be anything to reference in your lookup.