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  1. Any excel gurus out there that know the equation for this example

    Lets say I have a bunch of cells with a bunch of different words in colum A


    You get the idea. In Column b I have a bunch of other words

    In Colum C I would like have a Y put next to any words in column B that are anywhere in column A. In the example above Spreadsheet in Column B should have a Y next to it because it is in column A. I know this is an if, then statement, I am just not what else it is.

    Any help would be much appreciated. I hope everyone has a great holiday.
  2. The lookup function will do what you want.
  3. Post this in C1 and then copy it down column C.

  4. maxdama



    I think this is the result you're looking for:


    And here's the formula


    If you wanted the "Y" on the other end of the word then switch the arguments to CONCATENATE. The excel file is attached to this post in case you have a problem.


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  5. Try something like this in Excel 2007:


    Sort words in Column A in ascending order.

    ie. If Column A has words, B has values, C is where you want Y/N

  6. THANKS everyone for your help!!! I appreciate it!