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    I'm not efficient in excel so can u help me out please.

    on my spreadsheet I want to create a column which has % change.

    how do I write it? take my change divided by last? obviously I need to see % up and % down.

  2. Change divided by first (initial price - last price) / initial price
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    That is more of a math question than excel.
  4. This gives you the decimal. Multiply by 100 to get the whole number. Or, a formula that works for any time period:

    (((To/From) ^(1/n)) -1 ) * 100, where,

    To is your ending value.
    From is your beginning value
    n is your period, could be a day, month, year, etc...

  5. fastest method.

    Just do =(col A/ col B) -1
    and then click format, percentage.

    Same as earlier formula, faster easier entry.
  6. Here's an example. The first image is the input, the next post will be the formulas. The daily return is your average profit per day and the total return is self explanitory.
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  8. These are the formulas.
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    thanks so much its really appreciated.