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  1. Does anyone know how i can get one cell to record the number which is in another cell at various time intervals throughout the day?

    The number i am trying to record is PNL i have the sheet linked through esignal, so the PNL number would be moving around.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  2. VBA Windows Timer Event ...

    It can be set to go off every X seconds or X minutes or whatever you set...and put a value from cell whatever into cell whatever... etc..

    If you don't write VBA you may have a friend who can or local colledge student...
  3. Thx for the response!

    So then i take it there is no formula to do this right out of excel?

    I just googled VBA windows timer event, is there any extremely userfriendly VBA timers i could just buy keeping in mind i dont know any programming?
  4. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/180736

    VBA code from friend or local college student...
  5. someone else figured it out for me through excel thx for the help though!

  6. then it would be nice if you posted the solution to help others...
  7. ok the formula is as follows


    A99=Time you want to record at
    B99=the cell you want to record the data in

    This will give you a circular reference error, but you can just click X on the box and it will work
    A99 is set to time format
    B99through B110 did not update because it was already past that, time but you can see how B111 through B115 record the pnl number at the given time
    here is what it looks like:

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