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  1. Does anyone have recommendations for good software that links with Excel? Bloomberg does but it's too expensive. ESQuotes does but it's not fast enough/flexible enough for me.

    I'd like to be able to grab historical data for calculating correlations as well as intra-day realtime data quickly.
  2. Just an update on what I've found:

    Since I'd like a lot of flexibility in getting at the data in Excel, I'm thinking about getting an Interactive Brokers account and using this software 'XLQ' to get intraday backfill:


    Does anyone know how many days of intraday (1 minute? I'm not sure) backfill you can get with IB?

    - Caementarius
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    You should check out the new and improved free plug-in we've created for eSignal or QCharts users called QLink. It has a great toolbar inside of Excel that makes it easy to fill in spreadsheets with the snapshot, time & sales and/or historical bar data you need. You just need an eSignal or QCharts account to access the streaming, real-time data, and there's no additional fee for the QLink plug-in.

    There's even trials going on, so you can check it out risk-free.
  4. Hey JayF... I'm a long time Qcharts/Qlink user. Is this a new version for use with QCharts? If so, how/where can I try it?


  5. JayF_eSignal

    JayF_eSignal eSignal

  6. Thanks JayF. Is that Qlink version good with QCharts? When I try to install it, it says I need eSignal...


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    JayF_eSignal eSignal

    Yes, it does work with QCharts 6.0 (Beta), which uses the eSignal datafeed. Just download in that same QLink link, but one post down, you'll see a link to the QCharts 6.0 download page.
  8. alanmart


    Do you need to have Q Charts 6.0 installed or E-SIgnal in order for the new Qlink to work?

    I had issues connecting despite the installation of both the new Q Charts and E-Signal.

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    The new QLink requires an installation of either QCharts 6.0 or eSignal in order to download the data from the eSignal network. If you are experiencing difficulties installing the QLink program, please report this via the QCharts Beta Forum.