Excel Macros running slower in Windows 7 than XP

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by EEUT84, Jan 3, 2012.

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    I recently upgraded from xp(32bit) to win7(64bit)...only hardware change was that I installed an SSD as well. Still running Excel 2003, yet my macros run about twice as slow now. Anyone know what gives? A quick google search yields a few people with the same problems but no real solution. Fairly disappointed given the fact that I dropped some cash on a faster HDD and OS but got slower results. Thanks in advance.
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  3. It actually suggests that you are doing something wrong somewhere. Excel 2003 should run pretty much the same in either environment.
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    Doing something wrong outside of Excel? i.e. security settings or something?

    Thanks for the responses so far.
  5. I have a monster server, 12 cores, 76GB of RAM, solid state raid array, etc and when I first bought it, I chose windows server 2008 64bit as the OS. The computations I perform are pretty intense and run for about 24 hours utilizing about 22 threads. I have spent a lot of time performance tuning this code, so I was familiar with the overall performance on the previous server I was using, which ran Windows server 2003 64bit.

    Anyway... My .NET 2.0 c# code ran significantly slower on 2008 versus 2003. I narrowed the problem down to I/O system calls, then lost interest and backed down to Server 2003. The newer windows code just did not deal with huge I/O operations as efficiently. I tend to snarf a couple of terrabytes of data a day...

    You might try upgrading RAM. Make sure you have all the service packs. I'm don't know if your macros will work 100% on the latest version of office. I had a bit of trouble with some of my VB Automation code once I moved to 0ffice 2010.

    I feel your pain and ahve experienced basically the same thing. I want to upgrade OS's on my servers, but I'm stuck on 2003 until CPU's catch up with the performance degradation.
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    I also recently upgraded from xp(32bit) to win7(64bit) with 4 gigs of RAM. In an XP command window, I enjoyed experimenting with line-numbered GWBasic. Because you can't run 16 bit programs directly in win7(64bit) i found other ways to run old programs, ie. DosBox or Virtual PC. But no matter how i run those interpreted .bas scripts i wrote, there's a very noticeable slow-down.
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    Thanks for the responses guys. I don't run some monster systems like some of you do, and my trading is not super low-latency, but it's irritating to see the degradation in performance. I recently spoke with an HFT who scoffed at my use of XP, which prompted the upgrade, only to be even slower than before. Granted, they are in an all unix/linux environment, but I don't have the bandwidth to move all of my stuff to a platform like that.

    Part of the reason I bumped up to Win7 was because I read it handled an SSD more efficiently. Anyone running XP with an SSD that had any performance issues (or lack of improvements)?