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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by sargie, Jul 12, 2005.

  1. sargie


    Hi. I have a s/sheet which applies a margin above a swap rate. However, its based on multiple criteria of if the loan rate is above the Cap rate, use the Cap, and if its below the Floor, use the floor etc. However, I need to include another Cell, which if 'not blank' overrides any other value, ie the Swap rate and cap/floor.

    Any suggestions? I've tried various nested IF's/ AND's with no luck. Thanks.
  2. Quiet1


    try the is-blank bit first on its own?

  3. omniscient

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    is there any way, without revealing more than you wish to share, you can provide a screenshot or XLS file as a sample? even if you used bogus criteria or something to mask the true process, i might have a better idea how i would proceed.

    of course, someone else may see exactly what you are asking and have a quick solution for you.

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  4. sargie


    Thanks. Here's a screenshot. As you can see, its a fairly straightforward formula, however, I need an override in D4 so that if D1 is NOT blank, use it, otherwise continue with the Cap/Floor IF statement.

    Thanks again. Much appreciated.
  5. omniscient

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    i think Q1 nailed it for you, but here's a little spreadsheet with my understanding.


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  6. sargie


    yes - both are good. thanks guys, much appreciated. I didnt realise Excel had BLANK functionality to be honest ! cheers, S.
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  8. man you guys are awesome...too fast for me.