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    Hi All,

    Signed up with Opentick - just want to run real time data into Excel. Have Excel 2003 and XP. Been up for hours and have no clue how to get the RTD thing going.

    Also been all over the internet. I have no idea where to begin.

    Downloaded their Excel sample and it's in a text format - WTF?!

    Downloaded another program called RXAnalyzer [or something like that] and it worked fine - had quotes running immediately. Can anyone please help me get started with Opentick?

  2. http://www.opentick.com/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=tutorials:excelrtd

    their RTD Download shows up as a .txt file but that is incorrect - it actually is an .exe file - it just doesn't download right...

    Download it then change the extension to .exe and install it...

    good luck.. :)

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    Thanks Edgehunter.

    Not happening for me.

    It comes down as a text file with an .exe extension. Tried all sorts of ways to alter that. This should be 1,2,3 but it's not working. Still waiting on a response from Opentick.

    Normally when you change a file extension, it automatically opens in that associated program.

    This keeps opening in Notepad. Tried deleting the .exe and also renaming it as OpenRTD.exe...nothing.

    Any ideas?

  4. i zipped it up and put it on a web page so you can download what worked for me as an .exe...

    if you have not been able to get theirs to work yet try this zipped file...


    hope this helps...

  5. Try this :

    My computer > Tools > Folder options > View tab > Uncheck the "hide extensions for known file types" box.

    This will let you actually change the extension. If the box is checked, and you rename the file, it will actually be setup.exe.txt . You see setup.exe, but the .txt is still there. By unchecking the box, you can actually change the extension.
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    Thank you both - both ideas did the trick!

    Also got a response from Opentick with a direct link to the file download as an executable file.

    Nice to come home from work with three solutions to one problem!

    Thanks again,