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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by markc, Oct 31, 2005.

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    I want to place stock symbols from several spreadsheets into one spreadsheet. For example, I have a file with fast growing eps, another with fast growing sales, another with low p/e etc etc.

    Copying each of these into one column in one spreadsheet only takes a couple of minutes. The trouble is I end up with duplicate ticker codes where a stock might be in the list for fast growing eps and fast growing sales.

    I have just manually gone through my list and deleted the duplicates and it took some time. I reduced my original list down from just over 1000 to 650.

    My question is can I remove the duplicate entries some other way?

  2. Try saving your list in 1 big table in Access and run a query to remove the dupes, then export the list into XL
  3. Can anyone offer a suggestion on how I can prevent a function call error in VB.net when trying to fetch Excel values? Sometimes a cell in XL is in edit mode so when my vb timer tries to fetch a cell it aborts.
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    Thanks, that is an idea.
  5. Install ASAP Utilities. It's an add on for Excel with over 300 additional functions. Works very well for your problem. and the programm is for free.

  6. simply use the advanced filter option in the data menu
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    Thanks guys...the advanced filter did the trick.

    Appreciate the help.