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    I have a spreadsheet in Excel with columns like Date, Open, High, Low and Close. The next column has entries with positive integers. If the entry is X, I want to display the Open of X-days ago in the next column.

    For example, the first row contains column headers and cell B6 contains the integer "4", than I want to display the Open of cell F2 in cell B7.

    Can someone help me?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. offset
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    But what should be the complete command for the given example?
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    Here is an example. If this formula was in cell D7


    Then it is saying: If the value in C7 is equal to 60, place in D7 the value identified by the offset, otherwise put a blank in D7.

    What does the offset point to? It takes D7, moves -4 rows up (a positive number would move down), moves -2 columns to the left (a positive number would move to the right).

    So from D7, 4 rows up and 2 columns to the left would give you the value in B3.

    If you copy this formula down a column, it will always give you the value relative to the cell containing the formula.
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    Can also just do this...


    B3 (is 4 rows up and 2 rows to the left). So you can use absolute (B3) or relative (OFFSET,etc.) values in formulas.