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  1. I just want to remove the grid. How do I do this?
  2. rcj


    clk tools/options/view .... unck gridlines at left bottom.
  3. FOund it.

    GO to Tools

    Then go to Options.

    Click on View Tab.

    Uncheck gridlines.

  4. Sorry, but do you really thing this is the correct forum to ask such questions?

  5. Dude I don't know what you're talking about.

    You're not sorry, you're stupid.

    Where else would this go?
  6. Trading Software thread

    Excel Grid

    Yeah, I'd say it's in the right place. :D

    Hope it helped.

    Post any other questions you need to know about excel.

    I'm a bit of a whiz at it myself (anything short of VBA).


  7. A quick way to get rid of the grid lines is to put the "Forms" tool bar up and there is a button that looks like a bunch of dots in rows and lines. Just click that to toggle the grid on and off.