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    Who knows " BACKTEST WIZARD " software ?
    Know you programs of backtesting using Excel ?
    Thank you.
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    I'm using Excel for backtesting. If you know a bit about programming Visual Basic isn't that hard to learn. Then you can test everything. I don't know other Backtesting Sofware, but Excel and Visual Basic really satisfies me.
    A disadvantage is that you have to programm all the indicators you want to use by yourself.
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    Here are other softwares that use the QFEED (Quote.com) realtime datasource:

    www.lynnsoft.com (makers of Invert/RT)
    www.stratagem1.com (smartrader/RT)
    www.tickquest.com (Neoticker 2.2 RT) <-- Very powerful 650$
    www.crontech.com <-- makers of StockWatch Pro 2.1

    All the above software I mentioned can support indicator programming and system backtesting using Real time Qfeed source.

    Companies that will be releasing Real Time (QFEED) versions of their software soon:

    www.tarnsoft.com (Byte Into the market) will release BITM RT for QFEED

    www.amibroker.com (is scheduled to release RT version of their software early next year)

    These are miscellaneous:

    www. hquotes.com <-- for Realtime/OED historical Quotes FREE ! !
    www.winterra.com <-- Fine Tech Analysis Charting software, no Real Time support but does read Intraday historical ASCII quotes
    www.mechtrading.com <-- get historical quotes into files from QFEED
    www.dandill.com <-- Freelance programmer of QFEED tools
    www.tradingsolutions.com <-- Neural Network software for trading
    www.nd.com <-- Neural Network software supplier

    Hope these links help ! ! !
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    docartz, could you share info on using excel for backtesting?
    maybe send a file to look at?
  6. Would appreciate any links or advice you guys might have on programming and formula building using Excel.

    Any good formulas on the 'net I could find as "examples" to work with?

    I'm trying to link Excel to TradeStation using DDE.

    What language would be most useful for a beginner to start messing with?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I think you should try Visual Basic, because it's the build in language for Excel and it's really easy to use native Excelfunctions.

    I started with my "Excel-project" about 10 months ago, now it is an own program with several thousand lines of code. It is still written in Visual Basic for Excel and it is still using Excel for in- and output, but at his point I can't call it an Excel-program any more.
    Sharing the sourcecode wouldn't help you a lot, there is almost no documentation and it is also in german.
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  9. docarzt:

    Do you mean VBA, "Visual Basic for Applications", or just Visual Basic?

    Thanks for the links. I was hoping to find something with "real time" working samples but no luck. Looking at different sites right now.

    Thanks guys.
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