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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by travis, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. travis


    I need help with implementing an automated system with Excel + Interactive Brokers. It sends out just a simple instruction, but I have no idea on how to configure Excel to do it. There's no help on their web site.
  2. wizardx


    What do you need to do?
  3. travis


    Here's what my system should do. Monitor the bid/ask, and when there's a big difference between the two quantities, go long or short, depending. That's all.
  4. wizardx


    How many securities do you want to monitor at the same time?

    Do you want the system to execute automatically when your criteria is met, or are you going to monitor it yourself and send the order when it triggers?
  5. travis


    I want to monitor just one security, the minidow. Yes, I want the system to execute the trades all by itself, without me.
  6. wizardx


    What's the symbol for the minidow in IB?
    You say you just want to monitor the bid/ask, so in your spreadsheet,

    cell A1 will show the symbol
    cell B1 will show the bid price
    cell C1 will show the ask price

    When the difference between the bid price and ask price is a certain number, then execute trade. Is that it?

    Any other order details that will change for each order (e.g., quantity), or will they always be the same?

    Please give an example of exactly how you want your spreadsheet to be set up.
  7. kid


    Have a look into RTD that was made available from Excel 2002 as it is over 1000 times more efficient than the traditional DDE and a lot simpler to use.

  8. travis


    In a simple way, Kid, could you tell me if and how I can configure RTD to work interfaced with IB's TWS platform?

    I managed to get the DDE to work, and it took me a while. What do I do now to convert everything into RTD?

  9. 65Matt


    Are you talking about creating a new workbook with RTD, or modifying the IB sample worksheet? Can you provide more details on this RTD, and why is it better?

    Here's a Microsoft article I found on it, but I would be interested to hear why RTD is better in this application:
  10. francis1

    francis1 ET Sponsor

    The IB API does not support RTD.

    #10     Jul 3, 2005