Excel data to Amibroker

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  1. I use a DDE link from Esignal to Excel then the use the data from Excel as inputs to Amibroker. The data into Amibroker is 1 to 3 seconds slower than it should be.

    I am in the market to buy a new computer. Will buying a multiprocessor computer make that much of a difference considering the software (Excel and Amibroker) that i'm using?

    Is there another option for faster data?

    I have heard that RTD data is faster than DDE data, could this be the problem why my data into Amibroker is so slow?
  2. benwm


    Not an expert but I would have thought Excel would be the weak link. Would it not be better to use a text file?
  3. Go to tools-preferences-intraday and set refresh interval to 0, if you haven't.

    Why don't you use the esignal plug-in, BTW???
  4. So?
  5. i have set the tools preferences and refresh interval. There was a notice speedup.

    I can put off my computer upgrade for a little while longer.

    Amibroker rockin now !!!