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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by spoofer, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. spoofer


    Hi All,

    Ive put this thread up before and some replied but never delivered on their word..

    So serious replies only...

    Has anyone got any excel code for charting market profile..im going to be using a live data feed...

    if anyone can help either pm or just reply in the thread...

    i appreciate any help...

  2. Using Excel for a live data feed could work ... but its kind of like using a mouse to kill a whale ..... that is it sounds like you are proposing to use excel to process a real-time data stream rather than data that resides in an existing database.

    While this could work if your requirements were very minimal, for most applicaions this is not the way to go .... .

    Post a little bit more information about what you need to do and perhaps you will get some more info ......
  3. spoofer


    cheers mate..

    basicly, i have a data feed from TT, last traded price on a contract that is not supported by CQG..

    so all i want to do is write a simple code that will chart it..preferably market profile as it will be pretty simple...

    i can manula update it, i.e. press F5 every 5 mins or, it doesnt have to update every second, so i could store the data somehow..

    cheers for your response..if you have any more ideas pm me, itll be interesting to hear what you have to say..