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  1. Good news for those who use Interactive Brokers' Excel API:

    I found out Open E Cry has Excel API capability, similar to Interactive Brokers'. Only minor changes on Interactive Brokers' Excel API software are needed to hook up with Open E Cry's Excel DDE connection. One benefit I noticed is that Open E Cry's quotes are almost few seconds faster than Interactive Brokers' quotes. It's just my brief observation.
  2. I wouldn't bother...I have reviewed the IB Excel-TWS code and it is the worst crap I have ever witnessed.
    Barf-maximus. Needs to be totally rewritten.
    Must have been out-sourced.
  3. Any beter alternatives you would suggest? TIA.
  4. I am reviewing AnalyzerXL right now. It is well architected and indeed a credible piece of work. It would have to be modified to support realtime tick data however.
    I'll keep you abreast of my findings as I wade thru the 10,000+ line of code.
  5. I use an RTD (New fangled DDE Model) Excel Spreadsheet and throw the data into Sierra Charts every 2 seconds

    Sierra Charts costs me $15 a month... works great...

    Here is a link to a pic of the Advanced Decline on the SP500 (only 500 stocks)... rather than watching the AD / Decl of 3000 stocks (NYSE ADD)... this is update every 2 seconds rather than the NYSE updates of every 6 or more seconds... gives you a touch of a head start...


    Sierra Charts has all the hundreds of basic indicators and such... BBands, MACD, etc. etc...



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  6. When you say "new fangled", what do you mean ? DDE is an old, old technology that was supposed to be supplanted by OLE, now called ActiveX. DDE stayed around obviously...probably because of performance issues with ActiveX. Indeed, the latest Tradestation 8.x ActiveX interface is way, way slower than the older DLL interface.
  7. Hi SysWiz,

    RTD is the replacement for DDE



    I have 1600 stocks on my RTD sheet running in real time one second updates after i replaced my DDE sheet with it...


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  8. RTD...very cool, but as usual, the docs really stink from Microsoft:

    After you configure the RTD server on both the local client computer and the remote server, start Excel on the local client and enter the "RTD function" into a cell on a worksheet. Use the second parameter of the RTD function to specify the remote server on which the RTD server is installed:
    =RTD( "RTDEXE.RTDServer", "RemoteServer", "AAA" )

    1) RTD function ? Don't they mean executable ?
    2) "AAA" - no mention made of the 3rd parameter.

    Also, no performance claims relative to DDE made either.
    Once again, Bill Gates, as with all of his software, just does the bare minimum to build it and document it.
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  10. Hmm, I would like to check this out but can't find any documentation! Anybody care to share a working sample?
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