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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by solk, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. solk


    Anyone here uses or used Excel DDE client for TWS by interactive brokers?

    Although I am a Tech guy and a long time programmer, I can't seem to enable this integration and keep on getting the same error.
    Is it possible that the DDE integration is not available on Windows 7?

  2. LeeD


    I think DDE works in Windows 7.

    Are you using a 64-bit version? That's where DDE has been reported to cause problems...
  3. solk


    Using 32bit.

    Did you have any problems with it or did it all went well out of the box?
  4. LeeD


    I don't use DDE with TWS. I have used it with a charting platform that was reported to have DDE issues on 64-bit Windows 7.

    Have you tried DDE when logged on as administrator?
  5. TraDaToR


    which error?
  6. I was having problems with Excel 64x with both DDE and Acxivex for IB. When I looked into it I would have had to modify the Visual Basic code to make it compatible according to what I read on Excel specific forums. While it didn't look to difficult, I only have a very limited knowledge with VB. The easier solution for me was to downgrade to 32x. I never contacted IB but I would be interested to see if they have any solutions.
  7. using 64 bit W7 and Excel DDE for a year, no problem at all.
  8. Agree with stock, using w7 x64, excel 2010 x64 and ib excel api for the past 6 months, no problems.
  9. tubbs


    I am getting very pissed off.

    Am using TWS & Excel 2007 on Vista.

    I can open the sample APIddeXLS sheet - but when I request market data the whole of excel freezes.

    I have tried the work around for installing all under safe mode, and also enabling the look-up addin.

    Nothing works. Is this a common problem with this?

    I have the same working fine in XP and excel 2003.

    I have tried on and off for over a year, with nothing to show.

    PLEASE any help appreciated.

    This must be something obvious.
  10. cstfx


    Check out this group at Yahoo. You will be able to get your questions about IB TWS answered better there than what anyone can offer here (altho I believe there are some of the same people both here and there)

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