Excel and Conditional Formating

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  1. I am using the conditional formating in excel, which is found under
    Format:/Conditional Formating

    I have a cell and I want to be alerted when the value of my cell is larger than the value of another cell. Right now, I have setup my conditional formating to turn the cell color to 'red' so that I am alerted to the conditions that I am looking for.

    How do I get a 'blinking red' cell instead of the solid 'red' cell?

    Is it possible to have a blinking cell in excel?

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    I have code for an audio alert if you are interested. It's a very simple macro.
  3. Surprisingly it is not a feature, or at least I couldn't find it. A possible solution I found on the net would be to use VBA :

    To create a blinking cell:
    (Created by Bill Manville)

    If you define a new Style (Format / Style / Flash/ Add ) and apply that style to the cells you want to flash, paste the following code into a module sheet and run the procedure Flash from Auto-Open if desired you will get the text flashing alternately white and red.

    Dim NextTime As Date
    Sub Flash()
      NextTime = Now + TimeValue("00:00:01")
      With ActiveWorkbook.Styles("Flash").Font
        If .ColorIndex = 2 Then .ColorIndex = 3 Else .ColorIndex = 2
      End With
      Application.OnTime NextTime, "Flash"
    End Sub
    Sub StopIt()
      Application.OnTime NextTime, "Flash", schedule:=False
      ActiveWorkbook.Styles("Flash").Font.ColorIndex = xlAutomatic
    End Sub
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    hello dustin

    how do you do the audio alert

    could be funny thanks