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  1. syd697


    Recently upgraded to a new pc with Office 2007. I use a specific Excel program that was originally written with Excel 5.0/7.0

    I've been using this program for 10 years, with the last six using Excel 2002 with no problems. It seems that Excel 2007 is having issues with earlier versions of the VBA code and I cannot run my program now on Excel 2007.

    While I wait to hear back from my "smarter"computer friends, I've been searching the Microsoft website to see if there's a workaround.

    Here's the message I get when I try to run my program:

    "Opening the VBA project in this file requires a component that is not currently installed. This file will be opened without the VBA project. For more information, search Microsoft Office Online for "VBA converters."

    I checked for VBA converters and actually installed an upgrade for converting Office 2007, but it didn't help.

    Thought I'd throw this issue out here to see if anyone knows/heard about this issue and what can be done.

    Maybe uninstall just the Excel 2007 and reinstall Excel 2002?

    Any ideas are appreciated.

  2. Create a virtual machine of your old machine using VMWare or Virtual Box and run your old PC inside the new one.

    Thats a work around until you figure something else out but would likely be a fine longer term solution too.

  3. syd697


    Hmmm, that's interesting. I'm not all that tech savvy but I understand what you're saying. Is that easy to do? I'll look into it.

  4. syd697


    Fixed the issue. Apparently Microsoft doesn't give a free patch for this problem but found help from mrexcel.com. I needed to add some dll files that were found at dlldump.com Great site if you need free dll files.

    Anyway, that problem is fixed although I've encountered another issue with excel 2007.

    I run my excel-based program with formulas that determine the outcome in each cell. For whatever reason, in Excel 2007, the formula bar now also references the path within my pc where this program sits (i.e., program files/microsoft/excel....) instead of just referencing the formula needed for the cell.

    This is not how it is with excel 2003, and needless to say, my program won't run properly now. If I manually go into the formula bar and delete part of the path until it just shows the formula I need, then it works. But I certainly don't want to do that for each cell. I have thousands!

    Is there something easy I can do to change this? I'm not too excel-savvy, and I hope I'm clear with the problem.

    Once again, any help/advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  5. dtan1e


    write a VBA program to replace each & every cell for you, i haven't tried Excel 2007 so only a guess