exceedingly good motivational books

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  1. Any names please? Thanks
  2. MGJ


    The Zurich Axioms by Max Gunther

    The Laws of Form by George Spencer-Brown
  3. If you're Christian and a man, I'm unable to recommend "Wild At Heart" enough.

    Otherwise check out "Think & Grow Rich" or "The Greatest Salesman In The World"
  4. Here's a good one

  5. Agreed- Winget's books are fantastic.
  6. Larry looks like an interesting author...
  7. Two good books I have read recently:

    Your best life now by Joel Osteen

    Conversations with God by Walsch
  8. Hi osho67,

    I recommend the audio book version of :

    "100 Ways To Motivate Yourself: Change Your Life Forever" by Steve Chandler

    Have a good day :)

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    Great book. So so movie. (21)

    Isn't trading is a form of gambling where, hopefully, you have an edge. That's what these card counting MIT students did. Created an edge and then cleaned up.

    If this book doesn't motivate you to get out there and pull the trigger... nothing will.

  10. I think a lot of motivational books are crap but I recently read NOW - No Opportunity Wasted by the New Zeleand guy that started the hit television series race Around the World. It's actually an excellent book. I started a new business like a week after reading this book.

    One of the better books I've read without too much psycobabble.

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