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  1. Huge binary event coming in Q4 of this year.
    Do your due-diligence.
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    Could you be talking about (MELA) ?
  3. No.

    Now trading $11.00

    FDA clinical trial to be completed in Q4, with results to follow.
    Two previous validation studies were grand slams.
    Huge sensitivity, and very low false positive rate.
  4. New highs today off the opening...
  5. Market was under big downside pressure all day long on Friday and EXAS closed +1.25% to a new All-Time High at $11.32

    How do you like them RELATIVE STRENGTH Apples?

  6. Relative strength continues to IMPRESS!
  7. Made new highs on the session going into the close today ( $11.30) as the Dow Jones and SPX was dumping.

  8. Company offered 5.5 million shares of stock in a secondary offrering priced at $9.75 thru Baird and Jeffries that raises $50 million dollars. Company now has $130 million to commercially launch COLOGUARD.

    Stock continues to trade far ABOVE the offering price as institutional demand was high for this offering.

  9. Here we are a YEAR LATER and EXAS continues to show incredible relative strength. Stock was trading $13.14 with 30 minutes left in the session and GREEN, before slipping back to 12.97

    Last week, the Company sold 5.5 million shares in a secondary offering at $12.35 to bolster their cash on their balance sheet up to $169 million.

    In fact, the stock was actually up on the week last week even though the Dow Jones had cratered -560 on Wed/Thurs.

    This stock is going a lot HIGHER!
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