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  1. Quarterly Conference call this coming Tuesday.

    The stock has sold off from the recent $12.30 high after the Barron's article and after the company reported 98% sensitivity with a 10% false-positive rate on 1003 samples in their "Cut-Off" study announced at the AACR conference week before last in Anaheim. After seeing this data, the analyst at Benchmark raised his price target to $17.

    $9.41 is a screaming buy.

  2. The Company has completed enrollment of 12,700 samples as of mid-November and should be processing those samples over the next 3 months thru 3 different labs (one of which is Mayo Clinic) with top-line FDA clinical trial results out in MARCH.
  3. So, how's about CYCC? I found this one trolling through the clinicaltrials.gov site. They just announced the results of a trial they did.
    Ran it by my wife, who's an MD, and she seemed a bit skeptical. Figured I'd put it out there around here and see what the opinions are.
  4. The FDA clinical trial for EXAS should be completed within a couple of months, with the top-line data from their "Deep-C" study announced in March.
    The "Deep-C" FDA clinical trial will encompass 12,700 samples. The single biggest clinical trial ever attempted for a colon cancer screening test!

    CRC is the #2 killer of Americans over the age of 50.
    It costs Medicare $14 BILLION per year!

    The manufacturing module was submitted back on December 7th.
    The analytical module will be submitted in early February, with the final module... the clinical module submitted in March.

    There is a parallel application to CMS/Medicare.
    The Company will have CMS reimbursement within 90 days of FDA approval, instead of the usual 18-24 months that it has taken in the past, due to a new "fast-tracking" pilot-program that EXAS is involved in with CMS.

    Buy the dips!
  5. The Company announced today that they filed their complete PMA to the FDA last Friday. Stock up another 4.4% today to $13.48

  6. The stock closed at $20.24 on Friday.
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    Sh*t. Should've held it.