Examples of statistical edges in sports betting?

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  1. Anyone know if professional sports bettors / handicappers actually exist? It seems that these people might have the same mentality as a typical trader, crunching data to search for statistical edges. Are there any websites out there that offer the kind of easily searchable extensive sports statistics that one might need to find an edge? Seems like a pro sports bettor would need more anomalous data like how a baseball team plays in certain weather conditions or something out of the ordinary like that.
  2. oh man, it gets deep, what's the record in Veterans Stadium on a Thursday with the wind blowing out of the west at 7 mph? What's the difference in speed of the number 5 hitters? How many runs have they scored at home against a second baseman with an average over .290? What will be the height of the grass? How does that compare to the last matchup?

    Yeah, there are plenty of numbercrunchers who sell data.
  3. Do you have any specific websites?
  4. no, that was all before they invented the internet. Can't even imagine what they are tracking now.
  5. Pregame.com is a good one. Yes, many professional handicappers exist, but they have a more difficult time making money than traders do, IMO.
  6. if you could bet on how much money people will bet on a certain team it would be more like trading
  7. Sounds like what Vegas / oddsmakers / bookies do.
  8. it aint just that, it's that the markets have an incredible propensity to trend which cards or dice or even sports teams can't equal. But yes, you can guess that the they are expecting more money to come in for the Nicks right now
  9. No, never heard of it.

    Thanks for asking.

    I do hear that leprechauns, yeti, and profitable forex traders DO exist.

    Also, rumors that et gets intelligent posts from time to time, but its just that, a rumor.
  10. I love the senseless antagonism on this site.
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