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  1. In this thread, I will be updating on the activities of the 20th percentile Bush supporters.

    Along with their posts on this board, we will document the fact that these individuals are mentally unstable and require psychiatric help.

    In this instance, a member of the deranged 20th percentile attempts to jump out of a plane while in flight.


    According to Johnson, the passenger emerged from a bathroom without his clothes on.

    "He was asked to go back to the bathroom to put his clothes on and he did and went back to his seat and then allegedly attempted to open an aircraft emergency exit door,"
  2. Let's recap the Bush years.

    We had 911, tragedy in our family. Dad, who in this case is our current President, wants to cheer us up. He takes us to a fireworks display (shock and awe).

    Then he gave us some cheap money, go out and spend. We Americans love money and shopping. Many of us got to do more than just test drive the car of our dreams, we got to buy it, and if it broke we could trade it in and get another. You can always count on Dad for a few bucks we didn't have to work for.

    The he gave us a nice run up in the market begining in '03. Can't have those bears scaring the children. Boo!

    So far so good, wait there more.

    Bush announces "At my party everyone gets a free house." The crowd cheers. Bush is da man.

    Now for the entertainment. Bush hands the stage over to vice president Cheney.

    Dick Cheney shoots a lawyer who is his best friend. C'mon guys. Who wouldn't want to do that. Even if you had no friends, this was a two fer.

    Now we are in '08 and the party is winding down as all parties must come to an end. The long drive home and gas is expensive. All parties result in R & R, regrets and remorses.

    There are always some people who didn't have a good time at a party.
    They probably won't at the next one either.

    p.s. I hope this post qualifies me for the 20th percentile. Is this a raffle or a contest, will there be prizes?
  3. Lucrum


    a real pissed goy

    What is a goy anyway?
  4. cstfx


    Public nudity? Are you sure you are representing the correct demographics? Sounds more like a member of the lunatic left, not a rw wingnut.
  5. Public nudity is most often associated with San Francisco, Berkley, and other leftist, or shall we say -the twentieth percentile- hangouts.
  6. Had nothing to do with Bush. I am not a Bush fan, but it peeves me when people get this wrong. It was the FED, and they would have done this no matter who was Prez. It actually started with the tech wreck, and then accelerated with post 911 economic paranoia.

    It continued for years because inflation was contained even with the low rates, largely due to the Chinese. They both supplied cheap products, and bought our debt at low rates.

    This was not Bush's doing. Blame him for every other ill in the World, but not for the easy money. Regardless of what the conspiracy nuts think, the FED is non partisan. It was created this way on purpose, and is why you won't see FED leaders fired unless they do something WAY out there.
  7. Thanks for the correction.
  8. Thank you for the polite reply rather than trying to argue a silly position, just for the sake of arguing, as most here on ET would do.


  9. The 20th percentile are always partying.

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    Who cares that they can't find work. All they need to do is imagine all the money their hypothetical businesses would make and all the hypothetical tax cuts they will enjoy.
  10. T. Boone Pickens is a Bush supporter, he's probably in the 20th percentile.:D

    Sorry, I didn't know any of those people in the video, had to come up with an idiot of my own.:cool: [sarcasm]
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