Exactly which figure do i look at in this unemployment indicator?

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    Basically i want this - The average hours worked per week by production workers in manufacturing industries

    Now i am getting results for all this - should i only look at results of Manufacturing and production at NO 19, 20 ?

    Total nonfarm
    Total private
    Mining and logging
    Oil and gas extraction
    Mining, except oil and gas(1)
    Coal mining
    Support activities for mining
    Construction of buildings
    Residential building
    Nonresidential building
    Heavy and civil engineering construction
    Specialty trade contractors
    Residential specialty trade contractors
    Nonresidential specialty trade contractors
    Production workers
    Durable goods
    Production workers
    WOod products
    nonmetallic mineral products
    Primary metals
    Fabricated metal products
    Computer and electronic products(1)
    Computer and peripheral equipment
    Communications equipment
    Semiconductors and electronic components
    electronic instruments
    Electrical equipment and appliances
    transportation equipment (1)
    Motor vehicles and parts (2)
    Furniture and related products
    Miscellaneous manufacturing
  2. I am only thinking out loud here (if you want to call what I do "thinking" ;-) ) but, I would start with the profession that produces the highest discretionary income. If that profession is shrinking, then there will be less discretionary income out there than if one of the professions that produces less discretionary income goes down in employment levels. That will point to whether money will flow to the economy as a whole...or at least so I would think.