Exactly how smart is Bush?

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  1. ... can be tampered with as well. ANY system can be tampered with - and WILL be tampered with, if the stakes are high enough.

    Nobody's honest anymore. "It's not how you play the game, it's if you win or lose...."


    "The ends justify the means" is something I'm hearing an awful lot recently.
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  2. Take a vote on it.
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  3. is it me, or is this moderator dgabriel the most unfunny person here.

    His wit is shi*.

    The electoral college will NEVER go away, because its protecting the "small states", and you need 30 of these states to vote the system away.

    Since the small states are the ones who need the electoral voting the most, they won't vote it away. Duhhh.

    pretty easy to understand.
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  4. ROFL!

    dGAB is at it again, making friends and influencing people in his own inimitable way. :D
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  5. tampa


    ahhh, could maybe you provide a reason or two why he should want to make friends with, or influence you and your ilk?
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  6. Ok Babak, let's assume you're right.

    Do you care to apply a similar kind of logic to US administration for why they chose to prosecute this war? You know, the connections are far more plentiful and the logic far less convoluted.

    That you seem to believe the Canadian example but not the US one "speaks volumes", as Kymar would say, about your bias.
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  7. ahhhhhh, no.

    But you're missing the point, Tampa. Then again, you miss most points.

    Don't get upset and start swearing now. Then dGAB would have to jump in and swear too, and then he'd get moderated by another moderator. LOL! :D
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  8. so many "handles" who know so little about the real world. Its no wonder these same people complain so much.

    What was that phrase Jim Carrey used in Ace Ventura?
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  9. was it ..........."CABLE MAN!!" :confused:
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  10. it was from ace ventura, at the end of the movie.
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