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  1. Catchy thread title I thought. Maybe this will spark more people to discuss currency trading here.

    This may be the title a good ebook. :D

    Suicide trade.

    Long USDCHF at 9920
    Stop @ 8950
  2. Just another piker wanting attention.

    here's a clue...currency trading is a joke.

    Why in the heck are you trading on Sunday night anyways?
  3. I tell you, lately currency trading has been a joke. Reminds me of tulip bulbs or some such.

  4. In that case I'm still waiting for the punch line :p
  5. On this Swiss Fran(k) trade, I am thinking one of two things is getting ready to happen here on Sunday night or Monday morning whichever. Last day of our quarter (US Funds) but not sure about worldly funds and banks, they may have different fiscal stuctures.

    1. Either the magical people are going to begin to run things down hoping to begin a swell which makes us believe that the consolidation is going to continue a break down. Trapping the unaware shortys who have had nothing more to do but hit the sell button for the last umteen weeks and make money with no idea what they are really doing , then the real move will begin up for a fairly good while..... or....

    2. The damn dollar is going to slide on down taking more of my hard earned 2006 money.

  6. I am always trading. Positions open from position trades and what not. I am an addict I think.
  7. On a separate note, I also think the S&P is getting ready to take off, UP that is. I bought a bunch of calls for later in the year. Might start this week. Maybe on Tuesday or maybe after the jobs report (Which is a worthless piece of info which is of no value in this day and age).
  8. You guys ever go to a quiet place and ask yourself.... "What really makes currencies (or any market move in a certain direction?" I guess the answer depends on what time frame you trade generally. I am not talking about the canned BS answers anyone can come up with.

    I mean...its a deep question. At its root is supply and demand. We all know that and it is easy to say, but what are you guys doing to know when to postion long or short?
  9. Did you comment on real trades that Atticus and I are making in the thread below. You could have made money, and also gave us useful comments on real-trade. Check it out (you could have made 60 pips EUR/JPY, and also some pips on EUR/USD just the last 3 hours alone, in addition to 14K made by Atticus over the last few days playing it with options.

  10. sim03


    Missing action verb kinda kills the catchiness.

    Now, there are two broad possibilities for the missing verb. Obviously, you meant something like this:

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