Ex Wall st trader commits suicide in COURT.

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  1. Shocking moment a ruined millionaire collapsed and DIED in court after 'taking pill' as he was found guilty of torching his $3million home

    Michael Marin, 53, held head in his hands at court in Phoenix, Arizona

    Appeared to put something in his mouth and went into convulsions

    Father of four died later in hospital - toxicology tests ordered
    Fire investigators said he had started fire at home in 2009 before escaping down a rope ladder wearing a scuba-diving suit

    Marin, a father of four and grandfather of two, attended Yale Law School. He was an ex-Wall Street trader who enjoyed collecting art including Picasso sketches and described himself as a 'careful thrill seeker' to the Phoenix New Times after scaling Mount Everest and trips into the jungles of south-east Asian.

    PUBLISHED: 03:48, 29 June 2012 | UPDATED: 10:03, 29 June 2012

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  2. I really hope his art wasn't in the house when he burned it down.
  3. yale law huh, sounds prestigious. wish i had that on the resume. :cool:

    too lazy of a student though. :(
  4. Yale Law School, I thought education made every trader a success.
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    What substance would have killed him so quickly?
  6. i just thought it would be a good way to pick up chicks. "hi, i went to yale law, ready to go back to my place? "
  7. I guess potassium cyanide?
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    he was smart enough for Yale, but not smart enough to start fire only at 1 place, preferably kitchen or an electric outlet, anyways, when buring the house he was risking his own life, life of firefighters and possibly neighbours, and all this over some money, i don't feel that bad about him gone
  10. "You live by the sword - you will die by the sword...."
    ..this happens when greed and material possessions take hold of you and make you do things that are unsound and dangerous - when fall you cannot accept your life as it is. He was facing a possible jail term and he realized that he will never live his life the way he was used to it. Torching his house was a stupid move - sign of a stupid person.
    "he who has most toys wins" is a stupid, shallow person's motto.
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