Ex-NFL player Tillman killed in Afganistan

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  1. I'm not sure if any of you remember the Ex-NFL player that gave up a multi-million dollar contract to play for the Cardinals, but he was killed in Afg.

    TRUE HERO! Godspeed.

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    I know, this is terrible news.
  3. Big f****n deal... the bastid worked for an Army that murdered many innocent Afgan women and kids... good riddance to this war criminal...
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    I did not know you were a member of the taliban. Your comments are uncalled for. Baron you should take off his post.
  5. titan... I am thinking about the innocent people that the Army that he represented and stood for had murdered... I am entitled to do that..

    The Taliban sucks as bad as our policy (we created and funded the taliban, dude...)... I am no fan of em...

    Our US policy and the Taliban are two sides of the same blood-stained coin...

    What the world needs is less American murderous foreign policy and more peace and harmony...
  6. titan,

    candle is just playing...he is a chickenhawk right up there with the best of em. i'm not sure why he is pretending to be anti-war. just do a search...he was war mongering this time last year.

    check out this thread...the guy's looney:

  7. I watched him played college football a few times.

    There are lots of current top athletes serving in the military and coast guard and some in elite units currently in IRAK and Afganistan.

    Some of these athletes are in the reserves, former academy cadets while others are on active duty as soldiers so that the military can finance their athletic careers.

    Others take a new career path away from sports as Tillman and his brother did.

    The other athletes are High School state champions, NCAA all-americans, Olympic athletes, World team athletes or professional athletes (they get prize money) in their current or former sport.

    Some of these athletic stars are young and with a family...they join the military to support their lifestyle that most universities cannot provide for such.

    (Note: When I was in the military I knew many state champions, jr. national champions and Olympic athletes...all soldiers.)

    Usually, the military will allow these athletes to train for their sport and not be put in harms way because they are advertisment to help recruit.

    Most won't accept such and do share whatever their comrades must endure...these are the Heroes regardless if they are fighting abroad or at home protecting the U.S.

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    Please tell me this was meant as a joke. I hope you are not serious.
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