Ex-Mayor Barry Gets Slap on Wrist for Wilfull Failure to File Taxes

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  1. Former District of Columbia Mayor and current City Council Member Marion Barry received an incredibly lenient sentence after pleading guilty to failure to file federal or local tax returns for five years, a period during which he estimated he earned over $500,000. Barry was given three years probation, no jail time and not even a fine. The U.S. Magistrate who sentenced Barry commented that he had a lot of back taxes and penalties to pay, so she declined to fine him. Basically this POS, who ruined DC during his tenure as mayor, got off scot free for something that would land all of us in jail. http://www.cnn.com/2006/LAW/03/09/barry.sentenced.ap/index.html?section=cnn_latest

    It's not like this was a one time aberration for a man with an outstanding record of public service. His time as mayor was marked by incredible incompetency, corruption and the most odious brand of racial demagoguery. He was sent to jail for felony drug violations. Now this.

    I contrast this with the stiff 8 year sentence handled out to former Rep. Randy Duke Cunningham on bribery charges. This was an authentic American hero who was a vietnam war ace and an inspiration to a generation of military pilots. He apparently crossed the line in accepting gifts from defense contractors, many of whom probably hero-worshipped the guy and just liked to be seen around town with him. So the Duke gets 8 years and this piece of garbage Barry gets off free, keeps his council seat and hefty pension, etc. What a country.
  2. Marion Berry is a victimized black man who did drugs solely due to the pressures forced on him by whitey and the trauma caused by his great-great-great-great grandparents being slaves.

    How could the judge not let him off?
  3. SHHHH!!! It's not politically correct to mention illegal doings of liberals. Besides, we wouldn't want any riots and continuous "progressive parades" polluting the streets if MB actually got punished for this.
  4. I hope everyone will remember this the next time some moron starts talking about how DC should be a state. It shouldn't even have an elected mayor and council. The Constitution gives congress responsibility for managing the federal district, but congress enacted this idiotic "home rule" for DC back in the '70's I believe. It's been downhill ever since, with crime, failing schools, high taxes and the likes of Barry. Obviously democrats in congress had a long range plan of statehood for DC, which they knew would be an automatic two democrat senators and one representative. The reality is that DC is basically a third world city, run by as incompetent a group of people as you could find, and the residents are too dumb and fixated on racial politics to do anything about it.
  5. Timeline of the Duke: From hero to halls of Congress, and disgrace

    The biggest problem is the entry- "Wade's MZM is awarded a five-year 'blanket-purchase agreement' by the General Services Administration that allows the company to get up to $250 million in contracts without competitive bidding."

    Taxpayer money, errr, deficit financing that in the long run will have to be paid back with higher taxes. Of course the company contracts out all the services and keeps the difference. Nice way to rip off taxpayers.