Ex GOP Senator to GOP Strategist: Stop your Racist Bullshit

Discussion in 'Politics' started by hermit, Sep 17, 2010.

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    Things got a little heated on FBN’s Money Rocks last night while talking about the post office.

    After GOP strategist Jack Burkman suggested the government organization consisted of unskilled Nigerians, former NY Sen. Al D’Amato called this argument “racist” and started dropping BS’s – uncensored.

    I’m still not sure why the post office segment got everyone so fired up, but it definitely did. Burkman said “most of these guys working in the post office should be driving cabs,” and that they are “like a thing for ceremonial and memorial waste.”

    At first, D’Amato held back. “Jack could have done well without all the name calling,” he said, although agreeing “it probably should be privatized.”

    But after Burkman reiterated his ‘unskilled Nigerians’ argument, D’Amato went in for the kill. “You are a nasty racist,” he said. “That’s a bunch of bullshit. And you should be ashamed of yourself and have your mouth washed out. What the hell are you talking about?”

    After Burkman tried interrupting: “Shut up, I listened to your racist bullshit.” Check out the video below for one bonus ‘bullshit’ comment!

    Host Eric Bolling summed it up. “We kind of went postal on that segment,” he said. Money Rocks is a taped show, so it’s not clear why the BS’s weren’t bleeped. But it makes for a great video!

    Check it out (the fun begins around the 4:30 mark, but the, uh, “racist bullshit” starts earlier)

  2. Great points covered in the video! Confirms how the federal government can't do anything right, and fucks up everything it touches.

    Good thing we can rely on these republicans to point out racism when they see it and speak out against it. Thanks for pointing that out. Democrats should take some lessons from that, huh? Maybe you should show them this video as an example?? LOL!!!
  3. You missed the part where the racist was a...... Republican?

    LOL!! ROFL!! LMAO!! :D
  4. Yes, and the person who pointed it out and critisized him was a.... Republican? LOL!! LMAO!! etc etc

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  7. That must be one of the reasons why Obama got elected since the klan have such a high opinion of blacks and 'race-mixing'.
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