ex-Goldman Sachs programmer gets 8 years.

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    ex-Goldman Sachs programmer gets 8 years in prison for stealing HFT programming code.

    Now the seriousness of the crime is a serious ast plagiarism or cheating in college exam.

    What deep secret did the programmer steal that was so secretive?

    What was the dirty secret that Goldman Sachs insiders(management) didn't want their competitors or the public to know?

    If the code is that valuable you'll everybody want to break into Goldman sachs and stealing it. Goldmans Sachs are theives they should know better about stealing. There is no honor among theives man.
  2. Jeez.. a GS'er going to jail? How can that be? Oh, right - he stole FROM GS. If he'd stolen FOR GS he'd get a nice gov't appointment.
  3. Bet the prosecutor is retired now, collecting his nice pension while accepting a fat consulting gig at GS.
  4. exactly right. the programmer was probably blowing the whistle and wouldn't get bought off.
  5. Maybe there is something coming down the line that they want to absolve any responsibility for... A scapegoat in the wing is both good marketing and good legal planning.
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    once you have all the power and the money in the world, what do you want? a bunch of hot chicks begging to suck your dick/clit.
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    No ladyboys allowed! :eek:
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    This is outrageous and 100% unnaceptable. How many of these bankers have gone to jail for stealing collectively TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS from the public? ZERO. ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And no one says a word.

    He should get time, probably 1 year and off in 6 on good behavior, with a warning that two strikes, and you WILL GET EIGHT YEARS. EIGHT FUCKING YEARS? Murdering raping gangsters don't get that! Are you kidding me? I am outraged. The law if fucked. This country is fucked.
  9. I keep saying to people read Rene Girard or Levi Strauss. The scapegoat mechanism is a huge part of our cultures functioning.

    Can't say I agree with firewalker however.