Ex-Goldman Sachs programmer gets 8 years in prison

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  1. A former programmer for New York-based Goldman Sachs has been sentenced to more than eight years in prison for stealing secret computer code that enables high-speed trading.

    Sergey Aleynikov (SUR'-gay uh-LAY'-nih-kawf) of North Caldwell, N.J., was sentenced Friday in federal court in Manhattan. He was convicted in December.

    Judge Denise Cote (KOHT') says she was not lenient in her sentence of eight years and one month in part because Aleynikov never fully admitted his guilt and accepted responsibility. He also was fined $12,500.

    Prosecutors say Aleynikov left Goldman Sachs in 2008 and took trade secrets with him to help his new company gain an advantage with high-speed trading.

    Aleynikov is a naturalized U.S. citizen who came to the U.S. from Russia in 1990.


    A programmer gets 8 years in prison and banksters get ZERO years in prison. Welcome in the Untited States of Banana Republic. One more reason to move all business units out of the USA and never do business again with US banks and brokers. :cool:
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    Did he write the code?
  3. Its always been more about whom you know that what you know. Perfect example. I guess he didn't contribute enough money to the right people.
  4. zdreg


    It was such a big break that he nearly flipped his wig.

    Toupee-wearing former City Council President Andrew Stein fought back tears yesterday after avoiding up to a year in jail for a $2 million-plus tax dodge that let him live large and summer in the Hamptons.

    "The onetime mayoral hopeful made an impassioned speech apologizing for his "misdeeds" after prevailing upon a plethora of powerhouse friends to help him plead for mercy.

    "I was irresponsible in many of my financial affairs in not paying . . . my taxes when I should've. It was wrong," said Stein, 66.

    "And one of the things that sears my soul is that I was an example to my boys . . . of what a good citizen should be, a public servant should be, as somebody who is responsible to society should be."

    "Among those sending letters to the judge were former Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau, Clinton White House counsel Bernard Nussbaum, ex-judge Milton Mollen and New York Power Authority chief Richard Kessel.

    Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons and TV news legends Barbara Walters and Geraldo Rivera also weighed in, with Rivera insisting: "At his core, he is a good man."

    The disgraced Democrat, who once dreamed of becoming the nation's first Jewish president, appeared deeply down on his luck, showing up in Manhattan federal court in a stained pinstripe suit and scuffed black shoes.

    His gray herringbone topcoat had also seen better days, with nearly every buttonhole tattered, but Stein managed to pull a wad of crumpled bills from his pocket to pay a mandatory $25 surcharge for his misdemeanor conviction.

    "I take responsibility for everything I've done," he told the judge."

    * the judge must be a fan of jimmy carter - zdreg

    The IRS investigation of Stein also led to the downfall of crooked celebrity money manager Kenneth Starr, who poured funds into a shell company that Stein used to hide his income and spending."

    you probably did not mean andrew stein,. who were you referring to?

    some russian immigrant might be serving hard time for the merits of a case which the judge did not understand. hopefully he will win on appeal.
    it pays to have friends in high place. who was his lawyer. who was sergei's lawyer?
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    maybe they should lax up the tax thingies...
    everyone's trying so hard to escape getting taxed
    ridiculous amounts lol
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    The only secret in the code is the criminal activity in the code.

    There is NO SECRET!

    The secret is frontrunning and cheating.

    and btw, US judges have no respect anymore.

    Goldman Sachs probably bribed the judge and witness.

    yeah that is how powerful the thugs and criminals at Goldman Sach is.

    That is what you get for ratting out at the mafia Goldman Sachs crime family.

    Global network of white collar criminals, embezzlement and wire fraud, and stock fraud.

    Don't rat or be whistle blower in Goldman Sachs crime organizatino. you'll go to jail or get killed in 'accident'

    These guys can shut down CIA,FBI or even NSA investigations.

    Case closed due to lack of evidence, order from the White House.