Ex-Goldman Prop. Trading Chief In $1 Billion Hedge Fund Launch

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    Ex-Goldman Prop. Trading Chief In $1 Billion Hedge Fund Launch
    Oct 19 2010 | 1:47am ET
    Goldman Sachs' former proprietary trading chief has raised more than $1 billion for his new hedge fund.
    Pierre-Henri Flamand's Edoma Capital will launch its first fund next month with US$820 million. The London-based firm has also won additional commitments of US$450 million, MarketWatch reports.
    None of the money comes from Flamand's former employers: Goldman will not invest in the new hedge fund.
    Flamand ran Goldman's Principal Strategies division for three years. He retired from the firm earlier this year to found Edoma.
    Goldman has since decided to shutter Principal Strategies to come into compliance with the newly-enacted Volcker rule, which bars banks from prop. trading.
    Edoma features several other Goldman veterans, including Flamand's former deputies, Ali Hedayat and Emmanuel Niogret. Former UBS prime brokerage chief Martina Slowey serves as the firm's chief operating officer.
    Flamand's is one of three hedge funds led by former Goldman executives debuting next month, with each expected to top US$500 million at inception. Eric Mandelblatt, the former U.S. chief operating officer of Principal Strategies, is behind Soroban Capital Partners, and former Global Alpha chief Mark Carhart is launching Kepos Capital.