Ex Dutch Prime Minister: USA is a rogue state

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    "Former Dutch Prime Minister Says U.S. Is Rogue State

    Former Prime Minister Dries van Agt said (in tv-news Nova - video only in Dutch) that the Dutch government should bring back its troops from Iraq as soon as possible, not because of the danger but because they are participating without any UN mandate in an illegal occupation.

    He also said that the US and Israel 'repeatedly and seriously' breach international law and calls the US a rogue state. He said Bush's support for Israel is 'irresponsible and unjust'.

    Soon the Dutch government and parliament will have to decide whether the troops will remain in Iraq or not."

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  2. Re: this and the post about the US soldier.

    Thanks for reminding us that fuckheads come in all shapes and sizes.
  3. More bullshit liberal rhetoric. It is amazing that I'm reading this just moments after reading about Jordon's bust of a massive stockpile of toxic chemicals that was about to be used by A.Q. for mass murder.

    Terrorism is infecting the globe and the U.S. is one of the only countries spending a massive amount of money and resources in taking the offensive with this problem.
  4. Who gives a rat's ass what the inconsequential idiot says? Come on, pay attention! There are no Dutch, French, Spaniards, Belgians, Austrians, Corsairs, Visigoths or Druids. There are only Germans.
  5. These jealous and cowardly foreign pricks have no idea what the world would be like if it weren't for the sacrifice of Americans through the years?

    We are the only reason these pitiful, lazy, f*ckups can sit there and criticize without fear of being beaten to death.

    Deal with it.
  6. Nothing, absolutely nothing is as intoxicating as self righteousness.

    While the certainty that flows from a black and white perspective is a comfort in uncertain times, it has little to do with the hard gray truth.

  7. Tiger...does Mommy still call you that?

    You are so brilliant, TabbyCat. I am truly humbled.

    But before I bow down to your intellectual prowess, why don't you pay a little visit to the Bekaa Valley, dig up a few of the poppy fields on the northern range and tell me how many drums of 'pesticide' you find.

    Where did the trucks laden with chemical explosives originate? What country did Jordan say they traced them back to?

    Take it one step further...where were they actually loaded?

    Who built the trigger mechanisms and shaped the charges and arranged the chemicals?

    Where did they do this? Where did the chemicals come from originally?

    There is a learning curve to large scale explosive chemical dispersions.

    How long is that learning curve, generally?

    Keep amusing yourself with your brilliance. When a segment of some city's population gets a nice lungful of hydrogen chloride, sarin, VX or ricin gas...then...just maybe then you will shut your ignorant piehole.

    You obviously don't do your homework. I would wager that you can dorrectly answer fewer than 2 of the above questions.

    Pay attention.
  8. He is just posting other's opinions, what 's wrong with that?

    and what with this sensitivity ?

    I really wonder what the deal with Isreal?

    why does the US have to support Isreal?

    give hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars to a small country like isreal instead of giving aid to afican countries, or even latin america countries.

    I really don't understand it at all, is it because the american jews 's poltical influence?
  9. Because Jews are intelligent. We create things that people need: god, nuclear- bombs, hollywood movies, fine art, novels, music, psycology, you name it, we've made a lot of it. We are hated, and we are the most intelligent.
  10. Proud American, what about the native Americans?
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