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  1. It's really struggling to crack that 70 resistance. Any thoughts?
  2. I see the whole market topping out in 1-2 weeks with Dow making another new high possibly not confirmed by most other indexes and then everything taking a dump lasting several months including EWZ and all other emerging market crap. Every rally in this market points to distribution and no accumulation at all.
  3. I bought $70 calls on this back at 58..yes indeed made tons of $$ on this

    so easy to make money with ewz I plunked down $10K today on $80 leaps

    and will buy another 20k odf ewz on dips

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    Aren't you glad you got in at 49? You did get in at 49 didn't you? Just kidding but I am eyeing the 70 as well. I think the US markets will pullback and if the ewz shows some relative strengh like it's been showing and holds around the area of 67-70 it might break it.
  5. I have an expiring Sep 70 short put currently ITM. Should I cover it or let it expire and take the stock?
  6. ewz will go to 100..sky is the limit here

    There are guys in brazil and america making millions trading this. And unlike cartels it is legal.

    it is so easy

    I have already made tens of thousands on EWZ no kidding. This shit is going to 80.
  7. greedy fucks. what the hell do you want. $46-$70 in 4 weeks. i stacked short on this today and will make $5-$10