EWZ is like a 3x dow ETF

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  1. with only a 1.5-2x downside

    If the dow goes up 1% EWZ wil go up 3% but if THE DOW goes down 1% it will only do down 2%

    highly recommend it

    you simply can't fail with EWZ provided you hold it for a few months.

    When it rebounds it rebounds HUUGE.

    Look at the five year chart to get an idea of why EWZ is the best ETF on the market.
  2. As you said, the retracements can be a bitch.
  3. I own both DDM and EWZ and planning to hold them till end of the year...
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    Do you even know what EWZ is....

    You make no sense, EWZ doesnt have a single thing to do with the DOW.

    "If the dow goes up 1% EWZ wil go up 3% but if THE DOW goes down 1% it will only do down 2% "

    Honestly what the HELL are you talkin about??????

    Dont post nonsense like this if you havent a clue what an ETF is.....
  5. Yea but it rebounds like a ****

    You can't keep a lid on it.
  6. Stock_Turder is a babbling dipshit.

    Put him on ignore....it makes the site so much better.
  7. Um your wrong again

    EWZ tracks the dow but is accentuated by a factor of three.

    Just look at a chart and compare the two.

    We're in a global equities rally which includes emerging markets. So if the dow goes up, south American stocks follow as well as EWZ.
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    HAHA! EWZ tracks the dow! I love it!

    The EWZ tracks the MSCI Brazilian Market Index! Care to explain how Brazil and the Dow are linked? PLEASE?
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    As for your downside/upside analysis, is that based on historical performance, mathematical regression, what? I'll bet that the Barclays, who distributes I-Shares like the EWZ would WINCE at the suggestion that the EWZ "tracks the Dow." Talk about building false/erroneous assumptions into products! You should become a stockbroker....you'd excel at misinforming novice investors.
  10. All of the global markets track each other.

    When the dow surges, ewz surges because MSCI Brazilian Market Index is also going up

    When the dow fell 3% intraday a few thursdays ago so did EWZ and MSCI Brazilian Market Index but to a greater degree.

    Could it be more obvious?
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