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  2. Break out of what?
  3. breakout of what? it was 60.40 when i posted,look at the time i posted and where it was..i said it could break 61..it went to 61.44..it made a new high. do you trade? what don't you understand?
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    I expect EWZ to continue its run-up with no problems due to the favorable market conditions. I wondered how people felt comparing it with EWW and which will out perform which?

    I suspect EWZ is quite a bit more overbought then EWW, however, it does have the bit advantage of being optionable. The overbought conditon, however, I think would matter more in the long run than the shortrun at this time, with the bull market.

    Any thoughts?
  5. I suggest newbies like you don't even start BS posts like this.
    Do I trade? I've been trading all the Brazil stocks WAY before there was EWZ which in case you don't know was designed to suck up funds from new schmucks like you. Breakout? Where were you a year ago? 2-3-4 years ago when those stocks moved 5% in a day?

    Instead, you're calling something close to alltime highs a breakout?
    Breakout of what?

    Oh and in case you just started trading yesterday, here's a comment I made back in July '05 to another newbie here.

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    i laugh when i see these notes. ewz is almost up 100% in 10 months. were talking a stock market up 6 times in 5 years and 100% in 10 months. at any time this could fall 30-40% in weeks
  7. risktaker,if you are indeed a trader then you would know that not only did EWZ breakout intraday but also to a new 52 week high..so again,why the friggin sarcasm! you accomplish nothing with that kind of bs negativity.if anyone played this when i posted the breakout attempt,they would have made money..how did you help anyone with a trade idea?i'd love to know.
  8. That's funny dude. I probably pay more in commissions daily than you have for an account balance. Go "help" others somewhere else along with et's latest crop of annoying newbies.

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    EWZ did not just breakout, this ETF has gone straight up for the last few years. Their stock market is up over 350% in the last 3 years alone. Its been one strong bull market for most international markets. I was reading an article that I will post about the australian stock market and how its been running strong for 50 straight months. Dont be surprised by the next downturn in the stock market where some of these markets could easily give back 30-40% of their gains in 12-18 months. Pull up a chart on EWZ and see how quick it can give back 20-30%.
  10. Maybe if you didn't just sign up for this site 2 weeks ago you'd know who the real traders are. Risktrader is a real trader.

    You'll learn much more with your ears and eyes open then you will with your mouth open.
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