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  1. The newbie Supercycle Wave I from April 1949 to January 1966 is 17 years long. Supercycle Wave II from January 1966 to October 1974 is 8 years long. Supercycle Wave III from October 1974 to October 1999 is 25 years long. If Supercycle Wave IV began in October 1999 and is 8 years long, Supercycle Wave V will be 13 years long in 2020. If Supercycle Wave V is an extended wave it may be 17+8+17+8+17 = 67 years long and will end in 2077. If the last Millennium Wave began in 1000 and is equal to the Roman Millennium Wave from 594 B.C. to 476 A.D. or 1069 years long it will end in 2069. So the extended Cycle Wave V may end around ~ 2070 when the Middle East run out of oil.
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  2. The extended Supercycle Wave V may be three time as long as the normal Supercycle Wave V, so the Dow would run all the way up to 99,101 or 134,628 in 2070.
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  3. At the ends of Primary Wave corrections many individual investors have gone broke.
    Cycle Wave usually ends with bankruptcies of many companies and some governments.
    Supercycle Wave ends with collapse of some countries or economic systems.
    Ruling classes changed at Grand-supercycle Wave Corrections.
    Millennium Wave Corrections ended with the Fall of Empires and civilizations.
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  4. Both Bulls and Bears got killed during 8 - 17 August 2007.

    Sentinel Management Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy (http://www.reuters.com/article/busi...Type=RSS&feedName=businessNews&rpc=23&sp=true)

    Slave Economy was gone during the Supercycle Wave II).

    Capitalist Economy was abandoned in many countries during the final leg of Supercycle Wave IV) from 1946 - 1949, i.e.
    People's Republic of Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, People's Republic of China , German Democratic Republic.
    The second British Empire began to end on August 15, 1947 when India and Pakistan were granted independence by the United Kingdom.

    The casualties of the newbie's Cycle Wave II from 1966 - 1974 are Ethiopia (1974), Cambodia, South Vietnam, Laos, Angola and Mozambique (1975).

    Soviet Union Empire and many communist regimes collapsed during the 1987 - 1990 Bear Market. It may be the Cycle Wave IV or just the Primary Wave 4] of the Cycle Wave III?
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  5. Friends or Foes.
    Whether the Grand-supercycle Wave V] ends in 2020 or 2070 depends on "you know who" control the heart that pumps black blood to the world economy.
    Like snooker, everyone knows the strategy but only the champion has the skill to execute it.
    Everyone knows the strategy for the coming "Oil Reserves Run Out" but only a few has the means and guts to execute it.
    Those who have no mean had tried and are trying to get the means to boost their strategic geographic positions.
    Those who have the means but no guts, sit around and pray that MY Friends have control of the Heart.
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  6. Sunspot cycle

    <a href="http://imageshack.us"><img src="http://img180.imageshack.us/img180/5879/sunspotcycleyn7.gif" border="0" alt="Image Hosted by ImageShack.us"/></a><br/>

    What happens if earths magnetic field reverses. Is the phenomenon even possible?


    How can we tell if the process is beginning?

    mystery of the Dying Bees


    “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man,” said Albert Einstein.

    What did the Mayans know about the year 2012?

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  7. The Retracements.
    All passenger seats upgraded to VIP class, no more business and economy classes.
    By Law, price mechanism, etc., tourism by air travel end, only the heads of states or coporates can travel by air. Air Passenger number drop 90%.
    As the graphs show: passenger number will fall in a market correction,
    (see http://www.bts.gov/)
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  9. (It's a surprise, passenger number and air fares graphs look like Elliott Wave Patterns.)

    In 2020, (this date might have to be adjust back to 2012 as Elliott and the Mayan called for), personal and corporate aircraft may be or should be banned, except for solar powered glider, solar powered aircraft and Hydrogen fuel-cell plane. Personal automobile may also be banned and replaced by solar or fuel-cell powered ones. Mass transportation use hydro- or aero-electricity.
    White collars work at home through the internet, go to office only for very important events, because all meetings are online.Blue collars live close to the factories. Only the heads travel.
    Fishery and agriculture will still be allowed to use oil products.

    Supercycle Wave A]I) may retrace most of Supercycle Wave V]V).
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  10. The Cycle Wave A]I)I will retrace most of the Cycle Wave V]V)V and may go down to the beginning of the Cycle Wave V]V)III.
    During the retracement to the 1974 level, world population dwindles from 6.6 billions now (July, 2007) to 4 billions.

    The question "Why?" is easy to answer. Today Oil accounts for 40% of world energy consumption. That is to say 100% of today world energy is supporting 6.6 billions. 60% of today world energy will support only 6.6*.6 or ~4 billion people.

    The question "How?" is too scary to contemplate.
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