EVVV a good buy?

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  1. Anyone think EVVV is a good buy?

    EVVV is a company that makes endovascular surgical neuroradiology equipment (guidewires, endovascular coils, microcatheters, carotid stents, embolic protection devices): http://www.ev3.net/ With the increasing incidents of cerebrovascular disease and increasing use of endovascular treatments, which are minimally invasive and do not require traumatic surgery to the brain, companies like EV3 are in for a boom.

    The Aroon indicator indicates it's heading for an uptrend, and the Bollinger Band width is extremely low, indicating that volatilty is about to spike. Also, there are far more open call contracts then open puts, which indicate bullishness. And the Money Flow Index indicates oversold. It's beta is 1.57.

    On the fundamentals, it's sales have been steadily increasing for the past few years, it's price-to-book ratio is 1.96, and it's price-to-sales ratio is 3.37. And it's trading near it's 52-week high. And they just accquired another company that produces endovascular surgical neuroradiology equipment. And all the analysts say to buy it.

    I'll be buying a few shares. It should breakout soon.
  2. http://finance.yahoo.com/q/bs?s=EVVV

    I notice about 2/3 of assets are represented on the balance sheet as goodwill and intangibles.

    Total liabilities equal about 140 % of net tangible assets.

    I prefer to wait until new historic high price values appear.

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  3. :)
  4. Well, they are a heavy R&D company, so that explains their asset situation.

    And if you see that inverted head and shoulders pattern, along with everything else I've told you, EVVV is looking for an uptrend.