Evolutionists are ever seeing and never perceiving.

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  1. I just dont get how evolutionists can not believe in God with all the PHYSICAL proof.

    For instance. Imagine you are walking through the forest and you see a laptop computer. Upon closer inspection, you find out that this is the most advanced computer you have ever seen. It has a 500 exobyte hard drive, 100 terrobytes of Ram with a 50 exobyte processor. The operating system says "windows 5000" You get on the internet to find that the pages load instantaneously, not only that, but while you are using the keyboard, the computer tells your heart rate, blood pressure, and cholesterol and warns you if its too high or not.

    Now...would you believe that laptop computer was created or just evolved over millions of years?

    Look at a cell. A cell is so much more complex than that laptop i just described. There is no factory in existence that could make that laptop and even if there was, it would take 100s of billions of dollars, if not TRILLIONs of dollars to come up with that technology. Yet Evolutionists believe that a few rocks and a couple drops of water splashed together and created something that is so much more technologically complex. 1 molecule of human DNA has enough information to fill a million page encylopedia that would have some 3 billion "subjects"

    To be quite frank, I dont understand how anyone who has even done ANY small amount of research in biology could believe in evolution. It just doesnt make sense.
  2. I believe in God more than I believe in myself.
    I believe in evolution as as mechanism for species to adapt. At the microscope level, every genetic adaptation is a mutation ,every mutation is by "chance" unless you believe the lord has something to do with it.

    See, believing in the Lord and reading books are not mutually exclusive.
    Now reading books & being a REPUBLICAN, That sounds like a challenge nowadays
  3. Yeah, I see evidence of the Flood everywhere I look too...

    there are many examples of data that don't fit the evolution world view or don't fit the idea that the earth is old. I just tell people that I applied Occams's razor and went with the ideas that have the most evidential support.. there is no winning the argument though, academics control the debate venue, they control the evidence when you give them a shot at it too.... look at the videos from drdino.com, he can show you lots of things that don't support the idea the earth is very old...
  4. You wouldn't be trying to defend Christian beliefs with agnostic arguments would you? The mystery for the possibility of an unmoved mover I can buy, but that those little voices in the heads of the disciplies was the maker of the heavens and the Earth ...uh uh. At the bottom of every little christian sect is some power hungry honcho.
  5. you lost me there
  6. Lucrum


    My uncle, who is not the least bit religious, has a P.h.D in chemistry.
    Doesn't make him an expert on the subject but he is a pretty smart guy. And again has NO religious agenda.

    I'm paraphrasing here but years ago he made a comment to the effect that "only a fucking idiot would believe man evolved the way evolutionist would like to think."

    That wasn't to say that no evolution takes place, that goes without saying.
    There are plenty of examples of viruses,bacteria and other relatively simple organisms "evolving".

    As for me I couldn't say with any certainty.
    I wasn't around back then.

    I will say that when I look at the so called "fossil record" of evolution.
    And then look at the absolutely huge jumps from one species to another...

    Well lets just say they're going to have to find a lot more bones/fossils to convince me.

  8. it's fairly obvious... the same people who are hell bent on killing your god are the ones who espouse central-command style government

    it doesn't take a PhD in chemistry or a 160 IQ to understand the basics of the nature of some people...

    now get in line and worship your leaders ...
  9. only problem is 99% of professional biologists are convinced.
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