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  1. newguy1


    anyone ever heard of this equities prop shop in san diego?

    you can read about it at evotrading.com
  2. lescor


    I've been with them since they started and have been associated with that office and Jonathan and Mike for a number of years.

    I can't say enough good things about both of them. Solid guys, no bs about anything. Problems are rare, but they are addressed and taken care of immediately. The office is run smoothly and professionally. Great software too.

    I trade remote but get out to the office once or twice a year to keep in touch. I'll be at the Scottsdale office for a few days in November to check it out.

  3. I hope Im not getting this confused with evolution trading in N.Y(have offices in N.J also, not sure where else.) I was there for a about a year because a friend and former market Maker told me to come over, it was sure to be profitable. The firm has some professionals in the N.Y office, but the rest of the traders are (I came to find this out later on)called "Gimmick Traders" enough said. Good Luck
  4. lescor


    Not the same place. This group has an office in San Diego and just opened one in Scottsdale. Those are the only two offices, and they have a number of remote traders.
  5. Is the office in Scottsdale office a totally new office or are they taking over an existing office of another firm?
  6. Im glad to find out its a diffrent firm. Good Luck then.:)