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  1. I was watching a documentary about dinosaurs. It said the largest dinosaur had a brain the size of a walnut because it only needed to do simple things.

    This got me thinking. Humans have large brains. This would suggest evolution has made th ebrain bigger through requirement of use. However the things we use it for have increased over the last few thousand years. The brain has been the same size for millions of years.

    This would mean either our brains should be getting bigger to deal with the increase of usage e.g. language, mathmatics, using tools, engineering. However this is not the case the brain is the same size as it was before these things were required. That would indicate the evolution of the brain is not as a result of the requirements it has set or that the expected requirements were anticipated and the brain was designed to be capable of these requirements before it actually did them. This suggested the brain was designed to be able to function in a certain way outside of evolutionary enviornments.

    Any thoughts.
  2. Alot of use of the word design in your post...

    One thought - why does the brain need to increase in size to have evolved? Perhaps it now has evolved to work more efficiently, store more information, etc. by way of working better rather than simply growing larger?

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  5. the very fact that we have bigger brains than other animals (relative to our size) and we can do more would indicate we have bigger brains to do more.
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    Here's a fun fact;

    Elephant and whale brains are significantly larger than human brains.

    I know, you might say, "But so is their overall size."


    Ok. So brain size relative to body weight? Well in that case a mouse should be smarter than a human since its brain size is ~3% of it's body weight while a human's is only 2%.

    Conclusion, comparing brain size across species as a comparative for intelligence, is not an intelligent thing to do.

    What would be intelligent is to compare PRIMATE brain sizes. But it only yields a rough guide.
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    Homo Sapiens(us) are only 200 000 years old.
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  9. this statement is incorrect. amazing how when you present a conclusion and one point you make is incorrect it changes everything.

  10. Clearly, it is the ability of a species to use it's brain, to subdue and dominate other species. you would not be posting such were it not the case.

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