Evolution of a software developer

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  1. Hacker News only seems to acknowledge the following path in the evolution of a developer:

    1) Young self: "I'm a fucking genius and I'm writing this code as proof of my brilliance."
    2) 10 years later, discovering the code: "What a retard. Fuck off. Better approach."

    I don't recall seeing the ultimate realization, 20 years later.

    3) 20 years later, discovering the code that's addressing the same problem: "Trying to solve it quick ... nope, not working... how bout trying to understand that code I wrote 20 years ago... FUCKING. BRILLIANT."
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  2. Actually..

    20 years later: how can I avoid writing code.
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  4. I thought this was gonna be me at one point but for sure this is the journey.
  5. As a kid wants to write video games
    Programs at home as a hobby
    Studies Computing at College
    Enters corporate world, earns decent coin, but and quickly becomes disillusioned
    But now has money to open a brokerage account
    Tries discretionary trading
    Tries automated trading

    Or more likely these days, doesn't bother to attempt trading, just HODLs Crypto instead.
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    First Episode : The Dunning Kruger
    Second Episode : Realisation
    When you find out that programmer as a profession is being disrupted by the A.I
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  7. Programming has barely been disrupted by programmers.
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    Do you think that there's a trend/movement towards that dirrection ?

    I have no clue at all, all i heard was talks from CEO's.
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    Programmers .... need to be reprogrammed.
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  10. There is a desire for that to be the case because CEOs are tired of paying programmers C executive level pay, but I haven't seen anything yet.
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