Evolution is false

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    Max E.

    Pretty much impossible to argue with this logic, Stephen Hawking would be proud...... :D
    One thing i will add is that you should always trust a scottsman, if a guy is willing to wear a dress in public, you can rest assured that he aint bullshitting you to stroke his own ego......
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    When science prostitutes itself, this is what happens.
    In a way you can blame Al Gore types.

    Everyone gets to make up their own truth now. Conjecture and bullshit can be printed by both sides because no one is willing to call bullshit on their own side.

    I for one believe, stuff like that should have a label on it.

    The same should be said for all those people who argue that man is causing warming. It should be stated that from the ice core data we know the earth cycles.. We know warming precedes CO2 buildup and that it is conjecture that man made CO2 is making the cycles more harmful.

    Conjecture may be proven at a later date... but lets stop labeling conjecture proven fact.

    That would be a start.
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    Max E.

    Jem, I swear to god evolution is real.... when i was younger and less athletic i only could run the 100m in 8 fllat..... now that i have a beer belly, i can run it in 19 seconds...... with each passing day, i keep hording the seconds on my time, while all those jackoffs in the olympics treat it like a race i have come to realise that any time someone else claps for something you do you should savour the moment.....

    P.S. you are taking this thread way to seriously.....im pretty sure this was a joke thread on ricters part.......

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    evolution real once we had life.

    The question is did life evolve from non life... how... when... was there enough time for it to happen on earth.

    I do not like to see b.s. on either side.
    We need a more truthful society.
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    Max E.

    LOL, liike i said, you are taking this way to seriously.......
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    Are viruses alive?

  8. Back to the article....it seems the their "evidence" that they are being taught nessie is a real dinosaur thats alive is a "former" student. They never said that in the book they use it teaches it. For all we know, they were talking about dinosaurs one day and another student brought up nessie, and now that former student is claiming they are using nessie to teach evolution is false.

    I've said on here many times that the best case for evolution being false is the coelcanthe fish that evolutionists thought was extinct for at least 65 million years and then they found a live one that was exactly the same as a fossil that was supposedly 300+ million years old.
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