Evolution debunked in 1 paragraph.

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  1. Evolution basically says we come from asexually reproducing micro-organisms and turned into the sexually reproducing organisms that we are today. So how did evolution PLAN that? Evolution does not have a mind. It cant plan for the future...its just random chance. But by separating male, & females, evolution would HAVE to have planned for those two to get together sometime in the future to reproduce. So how can random chance plan for the future like that?

    Answer: It can't. It had to be planned consciously.

    So the question is...who/what/where is that consciousness and what do we call it?

    Answer: God.
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    THAT is the best you've got? That?! Wow. Small minds.


    Religion is worse than I thought it was. I mean, originally I thought only the cults and islam were pretty bad news. But now with the creationist losers so desperate to tear down science, one has to wonder about the devout christians.

    Actually, the devout part seems to be the problem. Y'all get carried away with your superstitions and it sends you off the deep end. It's like having a drink. Just a couple is fine, but you if you are drinking your brains out when you wake up, then it is a problem. Doesn't matter if it's crystals, tarot cards, jesus, mohammad, tequila, vegetarianism or crystal meth, losers everywhere are taking some dumb idea to a serious extreme.

    Y'all are addicted to religion.

    Check out scientology. I bet you'd feel at home once you overcame your initial resistance.
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    Evolution is the most amazing fabrication!! First off, nobody was there to observe the beginning that scientists would accept as a witness, secondly nobody has ever created a universe, published their work and had it peer reviewed... those things would serve as science.. so any further work towards a scientific explanation is not science, it's speculation. No matter how much the trappings of science are added to the speculative work it is nothing more than speculation...

    Now consider this: "Scientists" calibrate the strata by the geologic column, and they calibrate the geologic column by the strata... that is their actual claim, not my observation. The definition of calibration is comparison to a known standard but since nobody actually knows the age of anything in the Universe beyond our ability to observe, there is no calibration possible beyond what we have observed to date, that would be a few thousand years... so there is remarkably little calibration of the strata or the geologic column and the reasoning involved in the alleged calibration would flunk philosophy 101 but mysteriously it gets an "A" in all the other departments of the Universities, a situation that I find disconcerting, to say the least... not to mention the ongoing willful ignorance that occurs every day when evidence that does not satisfy the theory of Evolution is ignored.

    just try to keep in mind that Evolution is speculation and all the proofs are based on assumptions that can be questioned, lots of assumptions are involved in any speculation.

    Evolution theory is full of reasoning holes and loaded with assumptions. I find it satisfying to apply Occam's Razor and go with the idea that God created the Universe and if the Bible says it was a few thousand years ago, who am I to argue with God?

    Some evidence exists that the speed of light is indeed not constant, measurements made before the Cesium clock indicated that time was slowing but since Atomic clocks are now used in measurements, and they might be slowing right along with the speed of light due to time slowing, wow, the speed of light is magically stabilized! Astronomy is full of assumptions as in, red shift and blue shift, but historical records of the color of stars in ancient times show that some stars that are nearby have changed colors in a fashion that does not fit current theory, this is ignored of course, because ancient records are considered to be myth by modern "science". A guy named Schliemen considered that the academics of his time might be complete imbeciles due to bad assumptions, read the mythology and found Troy, which he promptly looted..... so what do academics say about him to this very day? That he should have called them in because they are the experts!! He was the expert and to this day they still insist that ancient writings are myth!!

    Willful ignorance should not be rewarded by honoring academics that piss down our backs and tell us it's raining...
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    I love to think about the Beetles-bombardiers. I defy anybody to even try to tell me that evolved and keep a straight face... as a defense it sprays material that is at the temperature of boiling water from it's anus!!

    Get real folks, just do your own diligence and think for yourself for awhile... no really, you should try it...
  5. imo the current state of human affairs is proof enough that there is no evolution.

    even at random, there could not possibly be so many assholes.

    no, this was surely the work of a higher power.

    with a nasty sense of humor. something like mine.

  6. wow, thats something like what rappers do.
  7. I dare evolution deniers to read Dawkins's The Greatest Show On Earth: The Evidence For Evolution. If you read this book and consider yourself a thinking person, then you will STFU for once and for all about a topic that has not been in controversy for years except for what is fueled by religious zealots principally in backward, theocratically run countries and in the US. Yes, that is one feature that defines both the US and the Middle East very well.

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    Some evolution deniers seem to think that if they accept evolution is a real process, then they'll have to accept that the universe began from nothing.
  9. they so strongly resist science because the bible does say that god created man as a special creation. if bible thumpers were to accept that evolution were true that would mean that the bible is wrong. if the bible is wrong about this it could be wrong about the rest of what it says. they cant go there.
  10. looks like somebody went to church yesterday and was told what to think again.
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