Evil Record Labels Awarded $62K per Song From Mom

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  2. Truly is revolting.
  3. Songs only cost $1 on itunes...why the hell cant people pay $1? And I dont know how they get awarded $62,000 per song. If someone stole a box of candy bars, would a judge award the store owner $1.5 million dollars? I dont think so. A few weeks in jail and maybe a $500 fine is what she should get at most.

  5. Burn down the record companies
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    I think some record companies need their asses removed!:mad:
  7. This is much worse than satelitte or cable pirates. They get $5k fines I heard.

    Debaser and others EU based folks. Is it illegal to download copy written material, movies, songs, etc? I don't think so, but curious to hear.
  8. In reality though, they can't squeeze juice out of a 2 by 4, right? In other words, the award could have been $500 million and it would be basically the same thing - she won't be able to pay and some judge will probably lower it to $10K or something.

    Not saying my opinion either way about what would be fair (if anything), but I would bet 100% that she never pays anywhere near this amount, and quite possibly nothing. This is just a story for the media to hype up.

  9. Agreed. To scare the honest into staying honest.
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    At one point a judge lowered the award to $54,000 but that is still way more than the average working person can pay. The only alternative is to declare bankruptcy or pay for the rest of your life. Wages can be garnished, assets attached, bank accounts attached, etc., etc.

    I still say this is insane. Lawmakers need to change damage award laws for this type of theft.
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