Evil Oil Speculators

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  1. That's all they talk about, both the left wingers and the right wingers.

    For instance, "They sit there hunched over thier computers and bid up the price of oil."

    Well if it's so easy, somebody show me how to do it!

    I'd love to be able to just bid up the price of anything.

    They complain, "And these oil traders don't even use the oil."

    Show me one human being on the face of the earth involved in modern society that doesn't use oil. And everything you buy or sell uses oil, from the S&P to the crap you buy at walmart.

    How come they never bitch at me when I "bid up" the price of stocks? Pension funds need stocks just as much as they need oil.

    Would they bitch at me if I started "bidding up" the price of houses in their neighborhood?
  2. Stupid specs driving Nat gas down and oil from 147-35 . They should just let the government fix the price I say!!!
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    Well it's the same with any instrument. Who uses directly what they trade?
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    Is politically and morally unacceptable to Oil prices to climb above $100
    NOW!! what a joke ,leave oil traders alone same old witch hunt every time oil its above $100:mad:
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    Maybe those really smart, and efficient people in the US government, congress, and the house, can eliminate crude futures trading, and make everyone pay at spot? Yep, that should do it...:D

    Anyone who knows of the ban on onion trading decades ago should be able to understand that AFTER the ban, onion prices swing more wildly than ever before. Why? There's no FUTURE contract to help smooth out volatility in prices!

    Phhhhew! I try to explain this to people who bitch about "the evil speculators," but they seem to have the all too typical thirty second attention spans America now embraces, and just can't understand...:(
  6. #1. Get a larger account balance.

    #2. Stop using a 10, 20 or even 30 tick stop in oil, more like 100+ tick stops.

    #3. Define the ranges and buy the hell out of it at any price in the range.

    #4. Make 5, 6, and on a super day 7 figures daily.

    #5. See step 1.

  7. well, I certainly agree with you on step 1 and step 5. What would you say is the minimum account size to implement steps 2 ,3, and 4?
  8. steps 2 and 3 can be implemented with 500k and make low 5 figure a day on average. For step 4 gonna need some mega cash for most 5m+

  9. Joe Public: "Traders/speculators are driving up the price of oil and getting rich at the cost of all of us average americans!"

    Trader: "Why don't you just buy oil futures and get rich?"

    Joe Public: "Because what if it goes down? Then I lose all my money right?

    Trader: "Ok, then go short and get rich!"

    Joe Public: "But if it goes up then I lose all my money right?"

    Trader: "Are you starting to see the flaw in your opening statement?"

    Joe Public: "Uggghh, fuck you, you guys are all ruining the country!"

    Trader: "Another beer please."
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