Evil is creeping in Texas... Property taxes are high

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  1. Attention Tea Partyers. Please support politicians in Texas that will cut state funding and increase transfers to municipalities and school boards so property taxes can be reduced. Better year, please insistute property tax caps that will make Florida blush.

    Honestly, this is Texas. Rick Scott's budget cuts in Florida are putting us to shame.
  2. Why would ya cap the revenue side of the ledger and not the spending side? That's asking for problems.
  3. Because a revenue cap is a defacto spending cap, especially if municipalities must have balanced operating budgets.
  4. Although I troll in many other threads, I'm dead serious in this one.

    Seriously. These s0-called republican legislatures and governor in this state are jokers. Replace em all with Ron Paul clones.
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    Explain some more here. What exactly going on? How do we cut the funding and increases to the school's AND cut property taxes?
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    Considering that Texas is one of the last hopes of our Constitution.
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    We have no state income tax is why the property taxes are a little bit higher, but go look at the liberal states with STATE INCOME TAXES and HIGHER property taxes.....they are drowning like Greece. Socialism = EPIC FAIL.
  8. ^ I agree. But Florida has no state income tax yet their property taxes are much lower thanks to homestead exemptions.

    Texas can do so much better of a job.

    A revenue cap on property taxes is needed similar to Florida's Save our Homes Amendment and limits on millage. This revenue cap will act as a defacto spending cap due to balanced budget requirements.

    My argument is Texas should cut spending significantly on the State level and transfer funds directly to school boards and municipalities followed by strict revenue caps of the localities.

    There is no reason why a homeowner in Florida should have lower property taxes than a homeowner in Texas.
  9. Capping taxes sounds like a gimmick. If I'm a state and I cap property taxes, I can still increase spending by relying on increases in the revenue from income taxes and fees to have a balanced budget. When a recession hits, the revenue from income and fees will disappear but the spending will still be there. Voila, deficit.

    This is why ya need a cap on spending, say capped at the rate of inflation and suspend the cap in times of an emergency.
  10. Do it by cutting state programs. Anything out of General revenue. Cut Cut Cut.
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